Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wandering in the Wilds

I know your asking...Why I haven't updated my blog in a week? As I mentioned before I had about a month to work on the engine before I started back in heavily working on my freelance work (spriting) and it will eat up most of my time when I have the time.

This doesn't mean I have not worked on the engine or will not continue to work on it. It is something I very much think about the project regularly and keep notes on features and improvements, but actual time to work on it is currently sparse to be honest.

The work I do get to is mostly again, like the last post I made, all about working on the editor's UI and getting that ironed out. The core of the engine is there but it lacks the interface features to use them properly. Not to mention the plans I have for shadows and more interesting water I would like to get started on but I need the engine to be consistent and work correctly for anyone using it and that's why I need to get the editor and it's UI going so those features are usable.

Right now I am all over the place though, with the Isometric engine, my freelance work, and my day job getting very busy it is getting hectic for me but I continue to work on the engine just at a slower pace ;)

Thanks for reading my Blog! I will continue to update regarding the project and will move to at least a once a month post and more if I can and will keep you updated on any new screens or features I have for the engine. Again thanks for reading and don't forget to follow/comment below any questions you may have!

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