Monday, March 24, 2014


Hello Everyone :)

This post is more an update to the previous blog post regarding the very early alpha i had tested. Some had some extreme issues getting it to work while others it worked like I thought it would.

Starting off, to use the engine beyond just the push and load I had it setup to do, required a lot of editing and this was getting in the way of half my initial testers. I have a map editor in the works for this very problem as I knew it would be one and the early test just confirms it. I found several errors and bad error handling with this test and I'm still waiting on some feedback regarding some of the engines coding.

The general consensus I have concluded is that I may have released a to early of a version and to to many inexperienced testers. Which is a shame because a few was put off by it from a very early version. :(

Now the important bit I need to talk about is progress on the engine. Currently most of what makes the engine works for anyone's games now actually (or I thought not so sure after that first test xD). The main thing it needs is an editor to make setting up a map more user friendly. The editor is where many options for the map is located not inside the engine as its mostly a read and display scripts with the necessary functions to read the map information.

I have been working on the Editor UI, trying to get those basics done and start implementing the map editing functions is the current goal. But as I have said before I do have other projects and those have priority over this one unfortunately so the Engine is for when I have the free time to work on it. Which varies greatly depending on the day and the workload I have.

I very much will complete the engine as I intend to use it in my own project but it is something I do on free time so it expect it to take time but hopefully not to much time ;)

That is pretty much it for this blog post, just an update for those that read and are curious. Again feel free to send me comments or questions and I'll answer them.

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