Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Current Development of the Engine.

A day late on the blog post, but I thought now would be a good time to update on the actual engine itself. Currently the engine is being optimized and ported to a fresh project file since the current one everything sits in, is a cluttered mess for testing all the functions and idea's I have had for the engine over the past month. It really is a disaster for those who do not know there way around the project file.

As of this blog post the optimized engine is capable of loading maps and displaying them and still allowing the terrain to be edited and really is only a shortcut key away from saving maps as well. But these functions are really meant for the editor as during game play you really do not need all that information for most games. There will be streamlined scripts that will load the map and then purge all the rest of the information to save on memory usage should certain information in the map file is not needed.

As for the editor, I suspended work on it's UI and interface design to get the core scripts of the engine optimized and re-coded so that I can begin testing the actual meaty part of the engine ahead of time. This way I can get testing started for the engine and use that feedback to build a better editor to go along with the engine. As it stands, the "editor" will not be open source, while the "engine" will be, which is all the scripts needed to get isometric in your game, the "editor" will be a standalone for the time being and is mainly the map editor to make life easier. Having said that all scripts the editor will use will be packaged with the engine itself should someone want to design there own custom editor.

No ETA on the release yet, but 90% of the scripts have been optimized and nearly ready for others to use, but I want to supply at least a basic editor first before making a release. So dev's can test making a map and having it load in a sample project or using the scripts to load a map into their games. As always any comments or  suggestions are welcome! Leave a comment if you want, I am sorry for a shorter less descriptive blog post, work has been everywhere for me so I have been really busy.

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